What we're about

A Passion in electronics to provide you Performance Reliability and Support from all represented manufacturers so you get the MOST for every dollar you spend with us.

  In all things audio, we Listen...


The Key here is to use our experience to select and set up, the table, tonearm and cartridge pick up perfectly so it sings. Just like the microphone that made the original recording.





Are instruments themselves. Having the least amount of energy coming from the cabinet, and a speaker design that does NOT alter the original sound and more particularly TONE, is the goal. Placement and surroundings play a part also, so we advise for each particular listening site/room. And yes we can/do come to your home as requested to achieve best performance.


Structural fuctionality, beauty and desired suitable presentation in your home or commercial environment is key. We have Many choices with outstanding cost/performance from unique brands so the beauty you own is not just the sound.



Installations / Electronic Design

Having completed over 70 full restaurants, hundreds of homes, and many other commercial audio/video intallations. we have vast experience whatever the construction or site, to address your electronic needs and desires artistically, efficiently, and comprehensively, with the highest performance available at your price. 


Home Theater and Surround

So many of your homes use formal or main floor tv viewing, thus the need for our experience to make the a/v system perform acoustically, and have harmony with your decor. We offer 32 years experience in room acoustics, and have completed so many homes. We will work with you, and understand esthetic and decor synergy to benefit you.



Electronic Gear

Its first and foremost connectivity. How things are built, and the ethics or standards of the companies we represent is first. You have to have used great electronics for decades to help someone understand the physics and how it applies to a system choice. We guide you without confusion to aquiring high performance and lasting value. The great companies are usually NOT the ones you have heard from. NO CUSTOMER LEFT BEHIND .






Brands We Carry

"To get in our store you have to perform better at the price. If we represent your company you've stood the test of time as the leader of the rest."

Our product goals are:


And above, combined with a long term and lasting approach, we consider of all of your audio/video needs, and choose the right electronics together.